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On-Demand Webinar

Pittsburgh's tips for increasing efficiency

With infrastructure designed for twice their tax base and staffing—Pittsburgh, PA knows how critical it is to drive efficiency and make data-driven decisions. Join Matt Jacob with the Department of Innovation and Performance as he shares how the City is leveraging high-performance technology to streamline processes, improve service delivery, and sustainably manage growth.

Watch this webinar now to see how Pittsburgh:

  • Tracks conditions, work, and costs on over 400 buildings, 2,400 lane miles, 150 bridges, and 40,000 street trees
  • Builds equitable paving budgets with real-time asset data
  • Streamlines cost recovery for damages, special events, and abandoned properties

Presented by:

  • Matt Jacob
    Matt Jacob
    Business Analyst, City of Pittsburgh
  • Jon Kremer
    Jon Kremer
    Product Owner, Cartegraph